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Study of Long ExposureD Self-Portraiture (2023)

35mm | B&W| in-camera long exposures | broken mirror | silver-gellatin prints

Inspired by the mystical process of analog photography, this project centers around the interplay of light, form, and time and how these elements allow us to escape objectivity and enter into a liminal space that levitates just like a memory. Through long exposures, I seek to explore the movement of a body and how these movements represent ‘doubles’ of itself.

Model: Me, Myself, I


Editorial: **** for INDEX MAGAZINE F/W 2022


Direction: Anna Arriaga & Audrey Silalhi
Photo: Mila Rae Mancuso
Model: Sebastian Laroche

Artist, Born October 4, 1998, Commissioned Project (2022)

35mm | color | scanned to digital

Photo & Art Direction: Mila Rae Mancuso
Model: Eme Caparas

Shape & Shadow (2023)

35mm | B&W | silver-gellatin prints

Photo & Art Direction: Mila Rae Mancuso
Model: Caleb Peck

Collected works in color (2023-2022)

35mm | color | scanned to digital

Collected portraiture (2023) 

 35mm | B&W | silver-gellatin prints | scanned to digital

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