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Official Selection in Revolutions Per Minute Film Festival (2023).

A short poetry film surveying transitory object-life and permanence. Concepts arose from games of exquisite corpse & practices of automatic writing—part one of a series of vignettes.

16mm to digital | color | sound | 5:35min

“A Bride is a lonely polka dot” (2022)

A runaway bride hitchhikes to salvation.

16mm to digital | color | sound | 8:45min.

Starring Katie Conlin as the Bride
Written & Directed by Mila Rae Mancuso
Edited by Shane Sullivan & Mila Rae Mancuso
Produced by Craig Lauret
Director of Photography: Corey Tian
Featuring an original score by Maggie Talibart
BTS Photographer: Magnolia Ellenburg

“HAPPY PLACE” (2022)

EXHIBITED IN “HOUSE HOLD” at The Huret Spectar Gallery (Boston, MA, November 21 - 29, 2023)

Hi8 tape | manipulated feedback via analog video processor | color | sound | 3:57min.

“Breakfast” (2023)

Poetry film exploring memory and my breakfast every day.

16mm to digital | hand-processed | color | sound | color | 3:14min

Starring Seb Laroche & Caleb Peck.

                           “Twin-Flame” (2022)

After the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea. The film was originally showcased on 16mm projection with mag track sound.

16mm | B&W | sound | 5:03min

Directed, Written, Edited, and Sonically Composed by Mila Rae Mancuso
Set Design by Nick Renteria

Roan Baxter Martin as The Fool
Caleb Peck as The Phantom Hand

Directorial Reel (2024)

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